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  • Stockwell


    Taken from the transcripts of the inquest into the death of Jean Charles de Menezes, Stockwell recreates the last hour in the life of the innocent Brazilian shot to death by police in London in 2005. Believing him to be a terrorist involved in a foiled plot the previous day, an increasingly jittery police force persuaded itself that the man they were mistakenly following had to be stopped at all costs before he detonated his bomb. Eye-witnesses, lawyers, firearms officers and senior detectives each give their account of one of the most significant and tragic moments in the ‘war on terror’.

  • Tomorrow In the Battle

    Tomorrow In the Battle

    A tale of obsession and betrayal among London’s elite, Tomorrow In The Battle paints a searing portrait of loyalty and lust, honor and honesty, duty and desire. Told through a series of monologues, the play depicts Simon, a heart surgeon, commencing an adulterous affair with investor Jennifer while his wife Anna agonises over giving false evidence to Parliament.

  • Numbers


    This brutal and hilarious one-act comedy, set in an all-girls’ boarding school, depicts a vicious battle of wills between four Sixth Form girls in the hour before a new Head Girl is announced.

  • The Official Adventures of Kieron & Jade

    The Official Adventures of Kieron & Jade

    A playwright named Kieron is obsessed with creating a play about the collapse of his relationship with a singer called Jade. Can he do it without humiliating himself or being vindictive? Can he use their real names legally? Should he even be writing this? A screwball comedy about loss, grief and anxiety disorders.

  • The Problem Of Sex, Or: Why Are We In Afghanistan?

    The Problem Of Sex, Or: Why Are We In Afghanistan?

    A disturbing triptych of American portraits. A lonely real estate saleswoman fixated on an old flame, a young man asking his father for twenty grand, and a woman cornered at a funeral by her much-younger stepmother. Fragmented, oblique and troubling, the play weaves together visions of today’s America into an uneasy patchwork of a continent by turns paranoid and oblivious.

  • Stories For Boys

    Stories For Boys

    A Chinese puzzle of a play within a play within a play, Stories For Boys is a comic search for meaning in the face of death. Art, language and love are stress-tested as insulation against the reaper’s scythe. A petulant movie star, a crooked lawyer, a hopeless intellectual, an envious writer, an underprepared understudy and Adolf Hitler all rage against their common destiny. Light comedy for the recently bereaved.