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Tomorrow In The Battle

Tomorrow In The Battle poster

cast: 2 female, 1 male

A tale of obsession and betrayal among London’s elite, Tomorrow In The Battle paints a searing portrait of loyalty and lust, honor and honesty, duty and desire. Told through a series of monologues, the play depicts Simon, a heart surgeon, commencing an adulterous affair with investor Jennifer while his wife Anna agonises over giving false evidence to Parliament.

Tomorrow In The Battle script sample

Tomorrow In The Battle script sample pdf


“Kieron Barry’s mix of compelling drama and sublime lyricism is riveting.”
Colorado Drama

‘Silk-lined schadenfreude… poetic style to spare… a solemn erotic lyricism I haven’t encountered since “‘Damage”’
The New York Times

‘One of the most remarkable pieces of theatre in recent memory. A Harold Pinter for today.’
Times Union, New York